Contemplate a Better Work Experience with The Muse

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We started the Job Boards You Can Love series to help introduce job seekers to fun, specialized and niche job boards. The Muse, is another great example of why applying through a niche job board is better.


A daily publication and a job board, The Muse gives job seekers a detailed look inside the hottest companies (Mashable, Tumblr or Pinterest to name a few) with awesome company culture. It was created by former McKinsey consultants, Kathryn, Alex & Melissa, when they realized the web was missing a key resource: smart, honest advice for professionals on what it truly takes to succeed in their career.

“We were all told growing up: ‘do something that you’re passionate about!’” says Melissa McCreery, founder and editor-in-chief at The Daily Muse (content side of The Muse): “and now that we’re in the job market – that is an ideal that everyone in our generation is certainly striving for.”


Launched in September 2011 as a daily for ambitious professional women in their 20’s & 30’s, The Daily Muse, runs a gamut of topics from career-related to style & social. They have quickly extended their reach to male readers, and even those in their 40’s and 50’s.

Powered by a team of editors, columnists and almost 200 contributing writers to date, the strength of The Muse community is owed both to writers and readers alike all lending a helping hand. While one contributor, a career counsellor, advises readers on how to find what they’re passionate about, another, an HR manager, may share what it’s like to interview on the other side of the table.

Over the past year, Melissa has heard many success stories from readers and writers who have helped each other. “By fostering this community, we’ve been able to make collective wisdom and experience available to our entire community,” shares Melissa – “and I think it’s so cool, so wonderful and so empowering!”


The job board side, The Muse, takes job seeking in a whole new direction of search. Unlike traditional job boards that describe companies with paragraphs of text, The Muse focuses on and showcases company culture with an inside look at the company using photos of the office and profiles of employees. Melissa refers to the job board’s special feature as “window shopping for your career”, as job seekers can easily shop around for what’s out there – even if they’re not looking to buy (or apply).

“If you think about the way people shop, most of the time you don’t really necessarily know from the get go what you’re looking for,” describes Melissa – “there’s a whole kind of discovery aspect that you see play out very clearly in e-commerce that’s missing from the job search world.”


Melissa recommends using Twitter as a networking tool since joining an industry conversation could lead to an informational interview or even a job. However your job search should not only consist of sitting in front of your computer. Melissa urges job seekers to “go out there and meet people who actually have the jobs you want to have, it will not only help you articulate what you’re looking for, but can also give you firsthand exposure to people in the industry.”

She also adds that discovering your passion is most important as it’s better to focus your energy into applying for jobs that you’re actually a good fit for. “It’s not a numbers game when it comes to a great cultural fit,” she explains: “it’s better to send off a couple applications for jobs that you’ve taken the time to let your excitement show through – that’s what will help you stand out.”

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